We create gastronomy to communicate. We are people and colours. We are a bit of many things.

We began with the idea  of serving meals in cute little orange boxes, but we realized that we are happier in freedom; so we opened the boxes to the four winds and our gray matter began to puff out colors and our hearts blazed with happiness. We reinvented ourselves with much, much more mambo and our freedom and passion for dreams led us to differentiate ourselves and stand out from the crowd. On a wonderful sunny day, MotoGP discovered us and, with them, we became crazier and freer, but also more precise. And here we are, with our trailers travelling around the world with perfect logistics, doing what we like best. Cooking madly.



A crazy genius in the kitchen. One more member of the kitchen team, but the prodigious mind that creates delicacies that thrill, the "Overwhelming mind". As his mother used to say, "this boy is pure intuition." A spontaneous, creative, non-conformist and tireless guy... He lives life intensely, without stopping or looking back. He cooks, skates, creates, dreams and does everything beautifully.



We call her " Power to imagination " because she is pure boiling energy that makes any event shine. You know, she' s the joy of the orchard! An explosion of creativity, positivity and good vibes, and that can be seen in the personal touch she gives to everything she does. Creates, produces and executes everything with a smile.



Like good dishes, it mixes passion and freshness. Indeed, he always leaves a very good taste in the mouth. He collaborates in a thousand tasks and all of them with note, that is why he is known as "The wild card". He perfectly reflects the unattached, urban, risk-taking life. He sells, climbs, undertakes, and never gets tired.



He's our most "focused" ingredient. He controls the most stressful situations, reflects and solves in a pragmatic way and without losing his smile. His mission in this life is to savor every second in harmony. He keeps the accounts, surfs, organizes and transmits to us all the peace we need.



"The quiet man." He's pure vision, leadership and serenity. A person capable of planning the future as if it were the present without blinking an eye. No detail escapes him. He's the one who negotiates, so don't let him out of your sight.


Carrer Garbí, 21 Pol. Industrial Can Pujades
08791 Sant Llorenç d'Hortons, Barcelona